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How Fishermen and Wind Industry Could Work Together

April 9, 2022

Offshore wind is about to take off in the U.S. And there is huge excitement about it, except for the fishing industry. In fact, offshore wind is a new threat to fishermen, including for those in my town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, who want to have none of it. Offshore wind is considered as one of the important ways for the country to transition to a clean energy economy. But fishermen all across the eastern seaboard believe it will kill their jobs and entire fishing communities.

Despite their resistance, offshore wind projects are moving forward. The fishing industry may have no choice but to adapt to this nascent energy sector and find ways to work with it as much as it refuses to do it right now. And there might be ways the two could find a common ground. We discuss win-win solutions that could work for wind and fishing industries with Bob Myers, a clean energy expert based in Gloucester.

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